Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! I know that it is a common misconception to attach gender to colors and even to the clothes we wear but that is just problematic. You should be able to wear whatever you like without the feeling of being judged. Also, the colors are good. It brings out your personality.

Again, it is always a matter of taste. If you really like to have a monochromatic closet, then just do it. If you can pull it off, it all depends on you. However, it is also not that bad to try something new or to splash a bit of color to your wardrobe to make it more interesting.

Frankly, it can be quite expensive. But the good thing is, you don’t have to buy everything at once. You just need to slowly build your closet by buying pieces every now and then and soon enough, you will realize that you are almost completing your whole wardrobe without even noticing the overall cost.

Technically, it doesn’t have to be expensive. But you need quality and well-fitted suit. It’s just that, most good looking suits are very expensive and you have to do a bespoke one. But you don’t need to rush it. Having a great suit takes time and it’s an investment so until you have the cash, just wait for the moment to come.

RTW or ready to wear are clothes that you can buy off the rack. They are mostly cheap because they are mass-produced and they follow the average sizing guide. When you say bespoke, everything is made according to your measurement. There is a tailor who will really check the fit multiple times before finishing the garment.

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with it. If you like that particular item of clothing, then you can wear it repeatedly if that what your heart desires. However, it would be best if you can buy more of that so your clothes won’t show signs of wear and tear right away.