How to Build My Own Style

Building your own personal style is an important phase of your professional life. Right after college, you will find out that people are obsessed with personal identity.  Something that everyone should work hard for to find out. But building your own style takes a long time and a lot of experimentation. But once you are already set, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of having your own personal style because that will be your guide with your future choices.


Building Men Style 101

Look for Inspiration

The first part of building your own style is looking for inspiration that will set the tone of your style. You can look for photos online or actual style icons that you can embody. It doesn’t mean that you will copy their style. At first, that is the tendency. But then after, you will start to feel the differences in your personality that will lead to some changes that you will employ in your own personal style.

fashionStart Collecting Pieces

This means that you will have to start buying fashion items that will be a staple in your own closet. You don’t have to buy them all at once. You just need to buy at a steady pace so you can start to fill your closet with the perfect pieces that will make your look complete. It also doesn’t mean that you will need to buy expensive pieces for your closet. You just need to acquire those that will fit your own description of what your look should be.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

The good thing about fashion is that there is no standard, strict rule that you should follow. All you need to do is be comfortable with what you want to wear in order for you to explore more options. So don’t be afraid to try on colors that pop or silhouette that you are not used to. At least once, try something new and who knows, you might discover something that will be very flattering to you and your body without trying too hard. Mixing and matching clothes with different design and style is definitely a great way to develop your own style.