Style Guide for Men

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of men who are overcoming their aversion to fashion. Contrary to popular belief, fashion is not only for women and gays, it is for everyone who want to look good on what they wear regardless of what they wear. There are many factors that can affect your sense of fashion. Aside from silhouette, shapes, and color, you can also consider fit, size and materials. In this guide, we will run you through some style guide that you can follow.

color wheel

Choose a General Palette

For men, it is important to choose a general palette for your overall wardrobe. It means, you need to choose the shades of the clothes you will be wearing. Developing a consistent color choice will build your fashion choice and other people will notice your distinct look. Of course, you can play around with accent color in your other clothes to show some quirkiness and personality.

Always Go for the Fit

Even if you love a particular style, if it doesn’t fit, do not force it. You will end up getting disappointed because it will not look good on you. That is why, if you can, always measure the clothes first that you will be wearing to ensure that it will accentuate your body. If there is a problem but you really love the cut and the design, make sure to drop it off to your tailor so he can remedy the fit situation.

men fashionWear Print With Care

Some men love wearing shirt with huge prints. While it is generally okay, make sure to do it with care. Make sure that you are not wearing print on print or it will not look good. Also, if you are wearing clothes with strong color, it is best to just avoid wearing print at all so you won’t have a messy overall look.

Don’t Skimp on Accessories

It might be your first instinct to just skimp on the accessories but never do it. Make sure to invest on a nice watch, a nice belt, and a nice bag to complete your overall look. It is best to go for trusted brands so you can use them for a long time.